State of the Work Place

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I have been very fortunate when I chose my topic for this assignment. There are so much going on at this time regarding work and what it means to us in many different ways. Here’s a selection: The Norwegian National Broadcasting Service, NRK have just recently started a new series called “Jobben er livet”. They […]

A Social Work Environment

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The first of total three stages in our assignment is finished and I’ll try to present to you the essence of what I talked about at the presentation. I’ve chosen the work title “A social work environment” and this happened after a meeting with the Oslo branch of the volunteer organization “Mental Helse” which pointed […]


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I have finally decided what the subject for our semester assignment is going to be, as the heading suggests it is: Loneliness Or more precisely, how to avoid getting lonely and how to get out of loneliness. Sadly there is a large amount of people in Norway today that have so little social contact with […]


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This semester we have been given a very wide assignment. Basically our only restriction is our target group, baby boomers; people born between 1946 and 1964. This group is commonly refered to as a financially strong group, they are well established, have a big social network, are still working but does also find time for […]

It’s easy!

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Om besteforeldre

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I dag skulle jeg finne et illustrativt bilde på besteforeldre, og kom over dette koselige bildet: Jeg måtte selvsagt lese hva bloggposten handlet om og la særlig merke til dette sitatet: For hundre år siden lå andelen barn som hadde alle besteforeldrene i live mye, mye lavere, kanskje under ti prosent. Faktisk er det mer […]

5th semester at AHO starts with blogging

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The purpose of this blog is to get experience with web publishing, and a practice in beeing more “out there” with our work and thoughts. There are many things to learn, the first thing will be getting familiar with the service allowing me to write and show pictures and videos of whatever I might […]

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