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As a part of the course Sustainable Product and Service Design Case in the department of Creative Sustainability our team were assigned the case to develop a green ambassadors concept for Aalto university by the senior advisor on sustainability at Aalto University: Meri Löyttyniemi. Through a complex actor mapping of Aalto university, as well as benchmarking on existing programs, we developed Aalto A”ction. The main objective is to engage the students in sustainability on campus and to encourage them to study sustainability further on a professional level.

The A”ction concept relies on the existing actors in Aalto University and aims to provide a platform to connect them in the best interest of the students and the University. A”ction serves at a surface level providing hands on courses on sustainability in general. In addition to the introductory level, two other levels were defined as “sustainability on campus” and “sustainability profession”. These two levels are already covered at the university and A”ction is the connecting point joining the different initiatives, serving the students interests.

One of the biggest tasks in the project was mapping of existing stakeholders within the university, and understanding of the complex structure of sustainability in Aalto University, we were not able to develop the concept itself as solid as desired.

Lilli M. Mäkelä, Julia Bushueva and Heta Happonen.

Heta Happonen

Video Editing
Markus Petteri Laine