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BRiiS is a lamp designed for additive manufacturing, in a four weeks long project, during the 4th semester at AHO. The main idea is to bring the feeling of sunlight shining through canopy’s into our home. We were presented with a wide case: The luxury task. At some levels an easy task considering the cost of using additive manufacturing as a production method, but difficult to make the material luxurious. The lamp is designed for production in an SLS rapid prototyping machine with white nylon powder.

We decided to make a lamp because the material and production method gives an exciting surface for light and opacity. It also provides a unique freedom in shape, and strength in the material unlike any other production methods. BRiiS is a high end product to be sold in design stores. A part of the task was to design a price tag for the sales setting and produce a killer image.The only limit of the lamps size is the size of the SLS machine.

The shape is complex and consists of a perforated inside, turning inside out, like a hat with a brim, continuing on the outside with merged surfaces. The luminaire consists of LED lights and a programming unit for gradual dimming of the lights while turned on. The dimming is adjustable and can be turned on and off according to the users needs.

Sven Håkon Voldum and Alexander Ruud Kondrup.

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Doing it right

It is not only doing the right thing but just as much doing the thing right. The end result was satisfactory, but our skills in Catia was overwhelmed by the

complexity of the shape, therefore the final shape has a much simpler cut than desired. The sketch process, both with drawings and car clay gives a clear

example of the organic and dynamic lines we were aiming for in the final lamp.

Sunlight Through Canopys from Cathrine Einarsson on Vimeo.