I participated in the Global Service Jam 2012 in Oslo, a one weekend workshop designing services. We came up with the concept “Bunni jump” inspired by this years theme: Hidden treasure. A bunni jump is an exchange between people in different positions in a firm, for example middle leaders in different divisions with different experiences and knowledge.
The problem: “How can organizations inspire, keep and make efficient use of their employees?”

Bunni jump is an attempt to solve problems in fragmented organizations like lack of communication, inefficient use of human resources, a weak corporate culture, high turnover and large recruitment expenses. This is a typical business to business situation and this is our value proposal: “At Bunni Jump we firmly believe a strong corporate culture is the result of new ideas, innovation, personal growth and work execution. When the hidden treasures of human capital comes forth, sustainability and competitive advantage are easier to attain.”

Our team was built up with knowledge from different design fields, both practicing Product Designers, Design Students and Master of Business Administration.

Johan Eilertsen, Paulina Quiñones, Preben Skaug, Frida Almqvist and
Daniel Jackson.

Daniel Jackson, Paulina Quiñones.

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The Case

The company Areti is a major consultancy group that designs, builds and manages innovative digital solutions and services. Areti is introduced to “Bunni jump” through an article in a renowned marketing magazine. The manager, Hans, calls them instantly and shortly after a facilitator from Bunni jump comes to Areti to tell the board what it is about.

As soon as Areti is registered Hans sign up to be a host. shortly, linda head of sales in a different division, signs up to be Hans’ visitor. She spends a day with Hans and get to see how his division works, meets his colleagues and give input.

After the bunni jump, the facilitator comes back to evaluate the jump and both facilitator and participants log in and save the ideas and insights they have got for other employees to enjoy.

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