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This project was developed as a part of ‘Sommerdesignkontoret 2012’, a student run design office located in Larvik the summer of 2012. ‘Holtens AS’ is a hand brewery located in a Norwegian town called stavern. Holtens needed a visual identity to communicate their brand values and their range of products. Holtens produce high quality hand brewed beer and sparkling wine by the champagne method on local ingredients, in a high end commercial market.

When we created the identity Holtens provided us with their brand identity and a story of an old drinking cup found where Holtens are producing their beverages. It was important to include the cup in the visual identity as it provided a strong connection to the premises. The ornament in Holtens logo is the previously mentioned cup seen from above.We then combined the logo with colors, a set of typefaces and a design manual on how the identity should be used, and not.

I was manager of the project being in charge of the process development from beginning to end. Since the project ended in August I have worked for Holtens to produce and further develop their visual elements.

Based on the visual identity they have recetly launched their new webpage.

Margrethe Haugen (NTNU)