In the last study period in Aalto University i took part in a course called “Service Design Methods”. We were assigned the case to develop a home maintenance book for the customer of Helsingin Energia, one of the biggest energy companies in Finland. Working with the assignment, every week had a new topic for us to explore regarding service design methods. These were the topics: service design canvas, interviewing and observations, service blueprint, customer journey, service prototyping, google keyword search and storytelling. In addition to the case and our topics, our only other boundary was to focus on single estate owners not receiving any professional help with home maintenance at the moment.

Presented here is the service concept prototype for the “Home Guide”. It is a digital service were home owners can keep track of tasks connected to house maintenance, and get help tending the house in the daily life. The main part of the service is a home tour which takes the user through their home, room by room, to evaluate if everything is in ship shape. If there are many things or they just want help, a “Home expert” can be ordered to help sort through the tasks at hand. A status report is developed for the current state, and if there are any big jobs bids can be made through the “Home Guide” for the best offers available. For the best service possible, “Home Guide” is customizable to your home and family’s needs.

It was an exciting assignment to develop a house maintenance book because it is a long term service. How to define which elements to include and how to predict the development of the service. Another challenge was that none of the group members own their own house, nor have they ever kept one by themselves before. But by the end of the project we had not only learned about service design processes, but we also knew about all the different systems a single house is connected with to operate succesfully and how to navigate them as a home owner.

Karoliina Liimatainen, Maria Viitanen and Ekaterina Pashinova