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The case was to come up with a concept for the future learning centre at Aalto University School of Business in Töölö, Helsinki. In collaboration with the library we decided to work with the existing space called Keskosali, or The Kesko Hall, that today serves as a study space for the students. During the project we had a close collaboration with the director of Aalto University Library Eeva-Liisa Lehtonen and potential users from the business school. The project is developed as a part of the course Designing Services in Aalto autumn 2012. The main goal with the course was to gain experience on innovative design methods involving users and stakeholders, and develop own methods related to the case. Our research was mainly executed with workshops with different tools to trigger our participants creativity.

Involved in our process was students from the business school, library manager and staff and creative professionals. During the process it became evident that the development of the learning centre should be lead by the users and stakeholders themselves, particularly the staff, to ensure proper ownership to the space. In order to make this happen we developed a strategy with a set of guidelines as well as a “power duo” to be the main facilitator of this process. the “power duo” consist of a designer and a marketer. They are the kick-starters and initiate the development of the process of interventions in the space. The “power duo” will together with the staff, students and other actors, initiate a row of workshops and interventions in the space.

This continuous iterative process will take place in a suggested timeline from now until 2015, with the goal to empower staff and students and make them the main drivers and value creators of the development process. The designers will withdraw when librarians and students are ready to drive the further process themselves. The 2015 deadline is connected to future, big changes, in the University structure. The deliverable consisted of an overview, and a timeline as a roadmap for the process.

Saana Tikkanen, Wang Huan (Aalto ARTS) and Toni Virtanen (University of Helsinki).