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Collaboration with ‘Lerum Fabrikker AS’ a four week long project, 4th semester AHO. The case was to design a sports drink bottle for Lerum’s new product range. We focused on good grip and a dynamic and sporty shape combined with Lerum’s long tradition as a fruit juice producer. The drinks come in two different tastes; grape/apple and lemon/orange. It has a subtle concave outer line to ensure good grip and a light feminine expression,together with angled asymmetrical enclosed ellipses in top and bottom to increase strength.

The bottles volume is 0,6 liters; enough for a workout session. Top priorities from the requirement spec was to encourage reuse and fit into different work out situations, for instance on a bike in a bottle holder, in the gym or outside running, but also fit into store shelves regarding labels, width and height. Using a concave outer line makes the labeling a challenge, but by dividing it in two the label gets a different and dynamic expression and gives multiple opportunities.

Production and recycling requirements have been taken into consideration, and the bottle can easily be set into production, and return to the production line after use.


Berit K. Havåg,
Alexandre Chappel
Kjartan Vaaland


Kjartan Vaaland

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