School Health Services

– more than vaccines and birth control

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This is my master thesis at AHO and the project has explored the situation for youth who seek help for mental health issues. The main target group has been youth at the age of 13 to 18 years, and particularly youth who either lack a trusting relationship to friends or family, or because their issue is sensitive. At first all children and youth was targeted to understand the core pain points. Afterwards I have opened up and designed for all to reach the few.

Because school health services is the statutory provider of health services to this age group, they were chosen as the starting point for the service exploration and is at the core of the delivery. In today’s system both users and service providers face a multitude of challenges. To reveal and understand these challenges were a prerequisite to be able to suggest design proposals.

The final delivery is systems oriented. It consists of core insights and suggestions for various leverage points to intervene in today’s system. The design proposals aim to inspire the relevant actors to commit to youth health, and reduce the risk of issues in adult life. They are divided into the youth’s needs and the service’s needs to emphasise the importance of facilitating for both parties.

School Health Services in Nome kommune by lead school nurse, Janne G. Ljosåk

User story

This is one user’s story about getting help from the school nurse when all the components of the system collaborate in the best way.

Skolehelsetjenesten – mer enn vaksiner og prevensjon from Cathrine Einarsson on Vimeo.

Insight activities

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Focus interviews
3 youth
3 school nurses
3 headmasters
3 superintendents
1 leader klara-klok
1 leader
1 leading school nurse Iceland
1 leading school nurse
1 family councillor
1 leader youth work
1 leader mental health
1 designer Rosthaugprosjektet
1 senior consultant. Kunnskapssenteret
1 director, communications RBUP


70 young adults

1 youth in Nome commune
1 school health service Nome commune

Casual interviews
2 teachers
1 youth worker
1 support person
1 mother


school class
school break
youth club
seminar #denviktigestemmen
parents work meeting, childrens school

Systems understanding

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Design delivery

The whole process including steps, needs and barriers, as well as leverage points with existing solutions, system barriers and final design proposals are gathered in this system map.

Project report

The project report contains a detailed overveiw of my insights, process, concept development and the final design proposals.

Ted Matthews, AHO
Heidi Dolven, The Norwegian Health Directorate
Anders Kjeseth Valdersnes, Livework