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Puu Sirkus (wood circus in finnish) is a service concept created during the course “Design Strategy and Innovation” at Aalto University spring 2013, supervised by Tiina Karhu. The case was assigned by VTT; The Technical Research Center in Finland, who wanted us to design a novel service concept to connect the Finnish wood industry with Finnish design. At the end of the course the five groups working in the course delivered a package consisting of a holistic plan for innovation within the wood industry in Finland, with detailed concepts on how to get there included.

Our concept suggestion is a traveling design agency aiming to connect the Finnish wood industry with Finnish design. Because Finland is a vast country we were inspired by circuses and developed a pro active process where Puu Sirkus visits the company. In the mobile office space Puu Sirkus provide expertise through collaborative workshops and design methods which eventually lead to a co-created design strategy created with the company. Finally Puu Sirkus connect the company to a design agency with relevant competence for future development.

Puu Sirkus aim to activate the network of Finnish Wood Industry with Finnish Design by pushing design competence into the industry and truly connect with Finnish design. With the mobile office Puu Sirkus also raise awareness with the public as they provide a pop-up wood cafe in the visited cities were citizens can come by and learn about wood.

Andreas Pattichis, Koji Ogawa and
Antti Miettinen

Puu Sirkus – Service Design Concept from Cathrine Einarsson on Vimeo.