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Qoyo’s goal is to ensure their clients happy employees, comfortable in each others company through exciting, nice and challenging tasks throughout the work day. By creating a casual meeting place Qoyo aims to include all employees in the company. Qoyo delivers team building in the work space through an interactive machine which prints out unique assignments. The assignments will be solved in collaboration between the employees, which later register their performed tasks online.

The progress can be observed, and the employees can achieve different treats. When your company becomes a Qoyo company each employee get a personal invitation containing small gifts to use in the office, like a post-it stack. Each employee have their own profile in the Qoyo network where they can share experiences with the rest of their colleagues on the company’s Qoyo page. The company gets their own contact person to ensure the best follow-up.

This is my 5th semester assignment at AHO, and my first service design assignment. We were supposed to develop a product, together with a complete brand DNA including a visual identity and different touch-points like web page, invitation and business cards. Together with the delivery requirements we were given the case: FOR:ELDRE which in norwegian can mean for elderly people or parents, focusing on the target group referred to as baby boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964.

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The teambuilding machine consist of several several interactive parts to work properly. It consists of a small receipt printer that prints on demand, a WiFi sender, a speaker and lights, an Arduino and can also be equipped with different censors, like movement to improve it’s functionality. It is connected through WiFi to a server that process the information from the machine. Graphical elements from the visual identity is applied as ventilation outlet. A suiting placement will be in casual meeting places in the office where people meet during lunch or smaller breaks.

Visual Identity

It is important for Qoyo to communicate it’s playfulness and be visible through strong colours. Therefore Qoyo has not one, but four main colours to suite different needs. Business cards and invitations are produced in all colours, printed matters and the web page have one dominating colour. As a supplementary design element Qoyos visual profile consist of different repetitions of the speaking bubble from the Q and the o i the logo.


The web page has two functions. First it is an introduction page to Qoyo and its benefits, second it is a network for the company and the employees. The company choose a moderator and can, if desired share internal events with other Qoyo users. A holistic experience of the brand is important therefore the business card holds a hidden task for the reciever and the invitation includes a suiting gift for the office.

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During the project we went through a large amount of different methods and processes to get to the final results. The course was split into phases; 35/15/50 with marketing and branding/product design/visual profile. We spent the first weeks exploring methods on how to define a brand. Followed by an intense two week product development phase and a final visual communication phase. Every phase and final delivery was finished with a presentation and written report to the class and teachers. The final report can be viewed here Language Norwegian.


Sense chart

User meetings

User testing



Competitor charts

The four pleasure model

Easy mock-ups

Paper prototyping


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Visual Communication







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Visual profile

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