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The Students

Together with Hannah Nordstrøm Berg (HiOA), Margrethe Haugen (NTNU), Mikael Johansen (AHO) and Wanda Nyberg (NTNU) I participated in “Sommerdesignkontor 2012″ in Larvik. “Sommerdesignkontor” is a student run design office started in the beginning of June, working seven weeks through the summer and closed down at the beginning of August. I was in charge of the office as manager working closely with my colleauges. The office had five projects and each student was in charge of one project an participator of an other. In addition to help out an ideate together on all the projects during the period.

Our Clients

Folkman AS got a set of products and experiences for travel memories (souvenirs) based on local curiosities for Grimstad city.
Holtens AS is a local hand brewerey in Stavern who needed a visual identity for their brand.

Rocks of Norway AS needed a design solution on how to turn recycled rock into useful manageable objects.

Fertili Team AS, a fertility clinic in the making needed help with design of the service and a pilot planned of the service.

Refsport AS who is a developer of applications for sport judges needed interaction design in development of their new handball app.

About The Project

The project is run by Bedriftsforbundet, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Innovation Norway with the goal to strengthen the position of industrial design in Norway. This year the offices were placed in Larvik, Alta and Oslo and in each office there were five students employed. The students work with real clients in need of design, working closely with the entrepreneurs to create the best solution for them. The final delivery is a design concept the clients are free to develop further towards their final product by the help of professional designers, og the design students themselves. Follow Sommerdesignkontoret 2012 on facebook.