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“Veien til Teknisk Museum” (The Road to the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine) is my final project after three out of five years at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, equivalent to a BA thesis. During this project I used concrete service design tools for the first time, as well at it was my first strategic design project. “Veien til teknisk Museum” is a project that explores the possibilities the museum have in order to enrich and improve their customer experience. In collaboration with the museum we decided to focus on the outside area and a step-by-step strategy was developed.

Research revealed that the visitors were content with the museum experience and that most are frequent users. Despite this they where not happy with the wayfinding and the safety of the outside area, and the visitors were unfamiliar with the visual identity of the museum. An overall improvement of the experience became the main objective. The strategy was divided into three packages starting with low hanging fruits like application of visual elements on existing surfaces and general maintenance, to the big vision of an extraordinary park connected to the surrounding area. Different tools were created to make strategic decisions. A core challenge turned out to be the amount of stakeholders with interests on the museums outdoor area, and how little the museum actually controls themselves.

The make or break for the strategy became how to involve the stakeholders in the most beneficial way for all parties. The developed tools provides ways for the museum to visualize and measure their process towards the vision on making a science park in the area by 2022. Working with the museum was a very enjoyable experience as all it’s employees in the different departments was very eager to contribute with their expertise and interested in listening to our design proposals.

The Norwegian Science Museums web page in Norwegian and the shortened version in English.